Zilliken Butterfly Mosel Riesling 2020

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A delicate scent of strawberry is the first to reach the senses. Then the butterfly flutters in through the open window and shows itself in all its splendor: a slender stature with fruity wings of white vineyard peach and very delicate nuances of violets. Playful as it is, it enchants us with its invigorating acidity and stimulates further enjoyment after just the first sip. It’s always fun, not just on mild summer evenings. Pairs well with seafood, especially mussels or gratinated scallops. Also pairs well with braised pork belly and white asparagus dishes. Very fresh and lively, with so much energy and herbal freshness, this has a wonderfully crisp personality. Long, harmoniously dry finish that makes this an extremely flexible wine.

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