Scholium Project Prince In His Caves 2017

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“””100% whole-cluster, skin-fermented Sauvignon Blanc from Farina on Sonoma Mountain. The growing season leading to harvest was perfect– some late Spring rains to guarantee bounty, but not so late that they interfered with flowering or fertilization; constant warmth during maturation but with no heat spikes at all; we harvested early, without haste or pressure. And the fruit was explosively strong in flavor; almost nutty, but with very good acidity. We fermented the Prince this year in three separate lots; each with its own very individual character. One lot went weird right from the beginning and developed a Jackson Pollock-like coat of molds on the surface; one seemed like its fermentation was going to stall; the third was perfect from the beginning, fragrant, rich, and timely in its fermenting.”””

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