Peter Jakob Kuhn Jacobus Riesling Trocken 2019

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“”””””Our Jacobus bears 100% our signature and is the introduction to our interpretation of Rheingau Rieslings. A Riesling that is a pleasure to drink, that plays with delicacy and intensity, combining fruit and spice without being complicated. It goes well with the delicious kitchen of everyday life and is just like this “””indispensable”””! Our Gutsriesling “””Jacobus””” bears his name because we are following a historical idea: in the vineyard and cellar we work with respect for the knowledge of our ancestors. The liveliness of the vines opens up the tastable origin of the wines for us. The name was chosen in reminiscence of our founding father Jacobus, who founded the Khn dynasty here in Oestrich through his marriage in 1704. The name Jacobus stayed preserved for 11 generations in the name of the family.””” -Winery”””