Meurgey Croses Macon Uchizy 2020

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“””Master of Wine Clive Coates once wrote that a feature of Meurgey wines is the total absence of a Meurgey Signature. In a region where ‘terroir’ is paramount, this may be one of the highest compliments one can receive and a testament to the value of preserving a sense of place as opposed to a homogenized, ‘cookie-cutter’ winemaking style. Pierre’s purist philosophy has evolved even further at Meurgey-Croses with the sovereign belief that the Maconnais and its individually unique regions will be home to an entirely new and soulful renaissance of White Burgundy production. This wine is fermented and aged in tanks only in order to emphasize the fruitiness and freshness. 100% of the wine goes through malolactic fermentation. The village of Uchizy, located in the northern part of Mcon, is known for the aromatic expression and minerality of its wines. Bottling occurs during the spring.””” -Importer”””