Giulia Negri Tartufaia Barolo 2009

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“””WINE: “””The land holds mysteries undisclosed to Man. That’s why we can never truly describe a wine. Those who have tried to describe my wines have said the following: ‘Barolo Giulia Negri is the fruit of the warmest, sandiest terrain. It has unmistakable characteristics, perfectly balanced between mineral depth and an aroma of wild berries. The Langhe Bianco is a mistery, obtained by mixing Chardonnay grapes (Bourgogne clones) planted in the Estate’s coldest, north-facing terrain bordering the Tartufaia truffle ground, with few grapes of another, unknown variety. It has pronounced fruitiness and is aromatic. The Pinot Noir is a masterpiece of elegance. A wonderful, curious wine: the new entry in the historical land of Barolo.’ “”” -Winery WINERY: “””Some people are dazzled by multimillion-dollar cellars designed by famous architects. Personally, I think a cellar must have three essential qualities: cleanliness, simplicity, passion. My wines aren’t cheap, but they are meant for everyone. I have built a small cellar where, at the beginning, the floor was covered with gravel.””” “””My wines are aged in a small number of barriques, many tonneaux and some large barrels. The Pinot Nero and the Langhe Bianco are aged in wood barrels for at least 12 months; the Barolo, at least thirty months. I then like to keep my wines in the bottle for a long time. Good ol’ glass has its share of secrets too!””” “””My garage is tiny. There are only four of us in there. We do all the work. We take care of the vineyard, make the wines and travel around the globe to sell it. But we also have to face many adversaries: hail, frost, drought and, worse yet, the High Priests of the wine world those who know all but understand little. A good “””garagiste””” knows that she knows not. She knows that winemaking is an art: the art of continuous trial and error. She keeps on trying until she succeeds to make the world’s best wine.””” -Winery”””