Domane Wachau Federspiel Bruck Riesling 2020

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The distinctive “Bruck-style” is smoky with a precise structure and complex rich stone fruit aromas and exotic. The palate is balanced and elegant tasting of peach, ripe apricot and delicious apple. The persistent minerality and racy acidity are well balanced by this wine’s full-body and lasting-finish. The name “Federspiel” dates back to medieval times and is derived from falconry. The falcon is symbolic for the elegance and liveliness of the Federspiel wines. Served chilled, the Riesling is ideal as an aperitif and goes perfectly with Austrian fish cuisine such as Pike dumplings or a char tartare. It can also be more Mediterranean, for example with a Branzino in a salt crust with rosemary potatoes or prosciutto with melon. Ried Bruck is also a great tip for sushi and sashimi and goes well with “spicy prawns”. From a very pure and cool site in the Spitzer Graben that is located up to 500 meters in altitude, the 2020 Ried Bruck Riesling Federspiel is a fascinating wine with regard to terroir style and quality. It is pure, precise and refined on the nose, with concentrated, ripe white peach aromas intertwined with floral and herbal notes (i.e. woodruff). This is a medium to full-bodied, dense and crystalline, beautifully pure and elegant Riesling with finely concentrated apricot and peach aromas (but with this coolish touch), spectacularly precise and salty acidity that cuts the apricot like a laser sword and fine tannin grip on the stimulatingly bitter finish. This is another remarkable terroir wine from the Dom ne, and I would keep to for at least 10 years, although it already tastes very attractive. This sleek and dry riesling has a degree of purity and positive raciness that’s uncommon in the Wachau in 2020. Plenty of Amalfi lemon and white currant, but also pronounced minerality through the long, very clean finish. Drink or hold.

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