Domaine Rouge Bleu Lunatique 2015

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“”””””Created in 2007 and situated between the revered appellations of Gigondas and Chteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine Rouge-Bleu cultivates its 9ha of land inspired by the core of biodynamic principles. Our vineyard spreads around our farm which was probably built 400 years ago and which some parts are handcrafted 1696.. Mostly composed of old vines, our wines are vinified in the pure tradition of the Rhne Valley, exuding the concentration and typicity of the terroir they originate from. Grenache reigns here, followed by the Carignan grape variety that has the ability to produce higher acidity and complex flavours when vigour is controlled. A bit of Syrah, and a zest of Mourvedre and a dash of Roussanne (co-planted with our precious 80-year old Grenache) complete the family. Vinification takes place with very limited addition of sulfur. Wild yeasts commence the fermentation of the first tank, after which we use the fermenting musts to initiate a new tank. Of course, we do not use any packaged yeasts as these would have no expression of our terroir. After malolactic fermentation, we add 1 to 2 g of SO2 to stabilise the wines, which remain under the protection of carbon dioxide until bottling. Following analysis, a further 1 to 1.5g of SO2 may be added. We hope that our philosophy carries through to our wines and in return they will elegantly express the terroir from which they came once the bottle is opened and the wine is in your glass.””” -Winery”””

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