Domaine de la Fruitiere Chardonnay 2020

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This wine has a hazelnut and brioche nose, and a well-balanced, textured palate with notes of white fruits and toast. Best served as an aperitif, or with fish, poultry, or savory tarts. Because Melon de Bourgogne generally takes a back seat to any minerality that wants to seep into the vines and into the grapes, it is seen as the ideal vehicle for mineral-expressive wines in France. So what happens if we take this same incredibly rich soil type and introduce Chardonnay, a grape that has a stronger personality than Melon? The answer to that question is the Domaine de la Fruiti re Chardonnay. This is hand-harvested, low yield Chardonnay that grows on the famous granite of Clisson. In this parcel, there is virtually no dirt present, just meters and meters of crushed rock. The boys at Domaine de la Fruiti re prefer minimal manipulation and like to let the wine do the talking.

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