Dalla Valle Maya 2017

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“”””””This jewel in the crown originates in the remarkable vineyard that shares its name. A proprietary blend aged in primarily new French oak, Maya showcases the sites exceptional Cabernet Franc; it is graceful and alluring with an unmistakable pedigree. Fewer than 500 cases are produced each year. The bright red-purple hue of the wine is a great indicator of its depth and fresh fruit character. Aromas of raspberry, thyme, rosemary, and frankincense light up the glass. As the wine opens, these aromatic notes knit together to create increasingly complex patterns. On the palate, the immediate impression is one of raspberry coulis, bringing attention to the precise red fruit character, along with vanilla bean, clove, toasted almonds and campfire. At present, the wine is showing its youth, with the fruit flavors and bold structure driving the sensation. This bolds well for the future, as the underlying framework and bold flavor profile will carry the wine for years to come. This latest vintage of Maya should easily age in bottle for twenty years or more.””” – Winery”””

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